Why I’m getting fat.

My weight is always up and down. It’s a rollercoaster. I’m all in on fitness or I’m smashing crisp sandwiches. 

Right now I’m getting fat. Not enough to notice yet but in a few weeks I’ll look at myself horrified: “How did I let this happen again?”

It’s happening at the moment because being fit is not my focus.

My focus is building Streakoid, it’s my entire focus. My day involves me waking up, brushing my teeth, grabbing a coffee and working in two hour blocks for eight hours developing Streakoid.

I then spend my evening writing a blog post. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I produce a vlog. I don’t take a day off at the moment. Streakoid has too much that needs done in this early stage.

I’m not getting fat on purpose, I have two streaks related to health. One of my streaks is intermittent fasting and another is drinking three litres of water. I want to be healthy.

It’s good that I don’t eat until 1pm. But when 1pm comes I turn into an animal. I eat everything in sight. White bread, chocolate digestives, potatoes, lasagne whatever…

I’ll eat them in a disgusting order. A crisp sandwich, chocolate digestives, my lunch and more bread with butter is not uncommon.

I don’t want to get fat because I know it’s difficult to lose the weight. 

The problem is exercising is just one too many things for my brain to cope with at the moment.

 When I started Streakoid I was tracking too much. Everyday was super stressful and once I messed up one of my streaks they would all fall.


I was in Thailand when I had the streaks above. My life consisted off doing those streaks, eating thai food and training Brazillian JiJitsu. I was attempting to be a digital nomad.  But less than two weeks in I had to get emergency surgery for testicular torsion. Which sent me home to Ireland.

It took me a week to stop being depressed about the money I spent on the surgery. The surgery stopped me exercising and I have done nothing since. 

When I started tracking my streaks again, I made sure not to track too much. Only tracking four things a day makes it easy to know what I have to do. 

But none of these streaks where to eat healthy or exercise.

For the last three weeks I haven’t exercised.

After a year and a half of Brazillian JiJitsu in London I’ve also stopped because there is no gym near me in rural Ireland. I’ve went from training five times a week to none.

But this needs to change.

My current approach to building Streakoid is unhealthy. It’s not something I can long term. But that’s ok.

I won’t have many chances to go all in on a project like I am right now.

To live with my parents and become obsessed with the problem of why people can’t be consistent is a rare opportunity ,I have to make the most off.

I’m ok with the fact my current lifestyle is a bit nuts.

I enjoy imagining myself as a mad scientist locked away building Streakoid. But the reality is tougher. My backs getting sore.

If I want to maintain no days off and 100+ hour work weeks, I need to exercise. 

How can I interview users to help them figure out how I can help them be more consistent If I’m big enough to be on a channel four documentary?

I’ve settled on skipping. Because it’s high intensity, doesn’t take that long and I can do it without leaving the house. I will introduce fifteen minutes of skipping everyday and I’ll track it on Streakoid.

Daily skipping will be a good experiment to see how Streakoid helps me. Streakoid has helped me release blog posts for sixteen days in a row so I know it helps with creative tasks. But let’s see if it gets me out of this slump.

We’re all busy, if we’re not careful we’ll get fat. Join me on my daily skipping challenge. We must fight the chocolate digestives.

Try Streakoid yourself for free.


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