It’s time for a tactical retreat.

When you’re trying to build something it’s easy to go overboard.

You try to squeeze more time here or there. Trying to get more out of each day. 

Adding one more thing to the routine, will be fine, right?


If we ain’t working we dying. 

Blah blah blah.

I’ve bought into the lifestyle time and time again. I’m all in or all out.

But this doesn’t seem to get me anywhere. 

All it does is leaves me in the same vicious cycle.

It’s sustainable for a while but then it’s just too much.

Hustle will be the death of me

For the last 47 days I’ve released a blog post each day, and built Streakoid.

But now it’s becoming a bit of a chore.

I’ve been struggling to concentrate on the code on the screen.

The pressure of always having to release something is increasing.

The individual activities aren’t the problem.

I enjoy writing and I enjoy coding. 

What I don’t enjoy is the fact I’ve jammed my day full of pre-defined activities. 

Leaving me no time for my friends are family.

I have no room for fun

I’ve persuaded myself that there is no room for fun when building a business.

How messed up is that? 

I’ve only socialised a few times in the last few months thinking I had to go all in. When I socialise Streakoid occupies my mind. 

All the stories tell us to go all in. To sacrifice.

 But I’m tired. I miss having a laugh. 

I’ve lost a bit of the drive I had because I pushed it too hard..

It was fine in the beginning.

When I first started working on Streakoid I was waking up early, getting my work done around 5pm and having my evening free to relax.

I’d spend some evenings working later but there was no pressure. 

But over the last two months this has warped into something horrible.

When I wake up I don’t want to work because I know I’m already behind from waking up late. The whole day then becomes meeting my quota of tasks.

I’ve created my prison. 

Readjusting didn’t work

I tried to adjust my routine by dropping from eight hours of programming to six hours.

But that hasn’t gone to well, because it’s just made me less strict with my routine. Because I’m tired, I take longer breaks in between and waste time with YouTube, Facebook or some other nonsense. My brain wants to dumb out.

Which just leaves me working late into the night.

Time for a tactical retreat. I need to shake things up.

My brain doesn’t like this. It bombards me with questions.

  • Will relaxing not cause you to fall behind?
  • Will this doom Streakoid?
  • What is someone else swoops in and will give it everything?

I don’t know the answer to these questions.

Why can’t we have fun?

This hustle, hustle, hustle lifestyle isn’t what it’s made out to be.

I’ve tried giving it everything for almost three months now and it’s making me tired.

I’m glad I tried going all in instead of just dismissing it saying it’s not healthy. But it’s not for me.

I still want to work every day. I want to improve Streakoid. But I can’t be up to the late hours doing tasks. 

I was wrong to set a minimum quota of hours each day.

It’s too much screen time. It turns your brain to mush.

Now I’ve got over the first hurdle of releasing a product, I need more freedom in my day. More time to relax. Not a lot of time but something. 

What am I doing wrong?

There are two problems I’m facing at the moment one is that I don’t wake up at the same time each day. 

I made the mistake of saying I would set an alarm, but then I didn’t.

As per usual when I say I will do something before it’s done it never works. 

Each night I tried to set it early but then I get the notice of how much sleep I will get and I’m horrified.

I thought postponing this would only last a few days, but here we are weeks later. 

The second problem is I’ve set my streaks up wrong on Streakoid. I set an eight-hour streak. Which has now become a six-hour streak.

This amount of work is fine but there’s too much other stuff I’m doing like this blog and YouTube.

 Streakoid needed this mad building but now it times to enter a different phase.

Time for a tactical retreat

Streakoid still needs me to work on it but it’s not all about me locking myself up in a room anymore. 

Being healthy needs to get a lot more focus. An unbalanced life if fine but you need to counterbalance.

I’m not sure of the best way to fix this. 

But I need more time with friends, less time in front of a screen and more of a social life.

Streakoid will take a long time to build so I need to make sure I’m not out of the race with a hamstring injury from sprinting to fast at the beginning.