Surviving the slump

When we’re trying our best to work on things.

We take on the challenge by showing up each day.

But being consistent isn’t easy. It can be boring.

Your life can become groundhog day.

I’m 50 day plus streaks on several things now.

But I’ve hit a slump.

 A slump I don’t know how I will get out off.

Each day I’ve been pushing back work.

Taking more breaks.

And watching more Netflix.

I just finished a 5 episode binge of some zombie tv show. (Daybreak – it was excellent)

After three months of only watching one movie.

I’ve lain off the pressure a bit. As I was sitting watching Netflix. I was considering dropping the blogging streak and letting myself relax.

The voice in my head started to say. Do you want to lose a 50 day streak of blog posts?

All those nights you’ve shown up on. Gone for nothing.

I debated back to the voice that I knew my post would suck. What’s the point in writing something that isn’t your best work? 

But then I took a step back and thought about the other things I’ve given up.

Give it up and you’ll regret it

If I was to stop writing this blog today because this post would suck. I wouldn’t write tomorrow.It might be a week before I write again or it might be a month.

Slumps happen. They are a natural part of being consistent.

But we can’t think all hope if lost and give up. We can’t relapse into our old habits.

The hours I’ve worked has dropped from eight hours a day to four on Streakoid.

These blogs are getting less time and attention.

It’s made me want to quit.

But quitting won’t help.

Instead, I’m letting myself slump it out. The aim isn’t to thrive right now. It’s just to survive while I recover some sanity.

Time for a rest. 

I’m still showing up to maintain my momentum, but I’m not pedal to the floor.

Sure, these posts suck, and I don’t want to release them. But it’s much more important to survive the slumps with something.

When you’re being consistent, the slump will come just survive. Keep showing up. Don’t lose the streak.