After two months of struggle Streakoid is a mobile app.

It’s only in the play store for now. But it’s progress. Once I can afford a Mac, I’ll put it on the App store. 

You’d think this would call for a celebration. A few beers. A night out with the boys.

But no. No time for a party. Have to build.

The launch

I launched it earlier today. I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t display on the app store. Googled a fix. Changed some settings and then waited a few hours.

Just before I started typing this I checked the play store, and it was there. 

I ran downstairs to tell my mum and sister. They looked at me confused.

“It’s the same as the website but you get notifications.”


 I came upstairs.

I’m not too sure if the registration works, I must check after I finish this post.

But it’s live people can download it.

I wanted to delay the release

I planned to delay the release until the app had a few more features.

I thought about waiting until it had caught up to the website. But I have already learnt that it’s more important that it’s in the hands of customers. That it’s out in the world.

As much as that scares me. I’m getting used to releasing my shitty work into the world for the judgement of others. 

It still hurts that it’s not what I imagined it will be. But it’s improving every day.

My big problem

My big problem is that I still haven’t validated if it’s a good idea.

Other than two of my friends paying for it (I know a part of them paying is to support me – which I appreciate) I haven’t validated it.

This is a mistake.  I’m keeping myself busy with building because I don’t want to think I’ve wasted two months on something that’s a bad idea. 

But I believe Streakoid can help people make time for themselves. One day I know it will help others do things they want with their life. It’s just a bumpy road to get here.

Am I lost in my head?

But as each day goes by and the number of users doesn’t increase, I’m getting worried that I’m lost in my head. 

I haven’t done a big push to get people on Streakoid yet. 

So far it has four users that use it every day. Which isn’t the stat you want to hear two months in.

I’ve been saving posting on Facebook, Reddit and Product hunt until it had more features but this might have been a mistake.

I’ve been doubting myself in the last week because more people aren’t paying for Streakoid. But my brains ignoring that I haven’t been pushing it on people. 

I keep debating whether it’s my pricing, design or other optimisations. But the reality is no one knows about it.

Pricing Streakoid

I’m sticking with the subscription pricing model for now.

Having to pay a subscription is the ultimate validation. If people pay it means I’m solving a problem. There are three ways the subscription can go.

If they pay and ask for a refund, this validates that a problem exists I just need to improve the solution.

If they pay and don’t ask for a refund, it means I’m on the right track.

If no one pays it means I’ve messed up. 

The good thing about the play store is that it’s a more natural place for people to search for a “Daily task tracker” so I hope a few people will stumble on it.

As usual  there have been some issues with the launch of the mobile app.

Problems with the launch

 I’m using a piece of software that lets me build one app that then deploys to Android and IOS. There’s only one of me so this is huge. Even better than this, it lets me write in the same programming language for the back end, web, and mobile.

But I ran into a major issue today where it doesn’t let me add in app google subscriptions to Streakoid.

Because I’m a pleb I’m using the easier version of the software that hides most of the complexity. 

I will have to get around this by forcing users to sign up on the website first before they can log in on the app. I don’t like this at all. It’s a massive hurdle to get people on the app. But it will take too long to do the more complicated version at the moment.

 I will take this as a positive if anyone makes it through the website, subscribes and then downloads the app it will mean it’s a problem they are motivated to solve.  I’ll be on to something.

With a version of the app live. The aim of the game is to do what I did with the website. Iterate and release as fast as possible. 

My confidence is rocking

I’m not as confident with Streakoid as I was last month. Last month I was feeling like a rockstar having escaped my 9-5.

Month two with no pay and an office job isn’t looking too shabby. 

But I have to stay strong. Now I have an app, it should give Streakoid some credibility.

Whenever I mentioned Streakoid people were always disappointed when I told them it was a website.

The app brings Streakoid up a level

People see apps as more serious than websites.

I wanted to build an app from the beginning. But it was more important that I built something that people could use. I choose a  website because of the lower level of complexity.

It’s taken two months longer than I wanted to make it an app. But now the website and the app make a powerful combo. Users can log into the website and the app at the same time.

I imagine the website will display more detailed stats and the mobile app will stay a simple. But I don’t know yet. It depends on what users want.

Releasing the app is a win, but all that matters now is that I get it in the hands of people. 

This is a new world for me. I do not understand how to design, market or sell mobile apps.

But I’ll make it up as I go along.


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