Streakoid gets a new team member.

Yesterday’s disaster where the registration had broken stressed me out I had enough.

Realising how stupid I was being doing this alone I got over my fears and reached out to the people in my network that can help me build Streakoid.

My aim is to have no regrets with Streakoid. The only risk here is not going all in.

To go all in and give this a proper shot. I need a team.

I contacted four people,  I would describe these people as animals at what they do.

Three programmers and one video maker.

 I had no script. Instead of talking myself out of it, I just sent the voice messages. Taking action was more important than having a plan. 

One said no.

The idea intrigued two people.

The other said yes.

The yes got me excited and I’m hopeful about the other two people.

Streakoid gets a new team member

I know I can trust the person who’s come on board to figure things out. He’s a strong programmer. Who will can own his own features.

He’s also been a paid user of the app, so he understands Streakoid.

There will be a period of time for him adjust to the code base. But the whole time I’ve been building Streakoid I’ve focused on keeping the code readable. I know how much it sucks to join a messy code base. So I’m hoping he will have an easier time.

Today we got the code running on his machine and walked through how the mobile device, website, and server are all connected.

We use one programming language across the stack. Which reduces the amount of learning needed.

Today had it’s disasters

As per usual, today has had its disasters.

One I left an old password of mine in the code base which I’m sure I still use somewhere. 

Two, I haven’t had to onboard anyone, so I did not understand how to explain or what to explain. He got an information bomb that exploded in all directions. 

Three, in the last two months I’ve forgotten how the version control system works. Something that should have been easy resulted in 45 minutes of suffering. 

But overall today went smoother than I expected.

Waking up with a sense of dread

My eyes opened and I felt a sense of dread. I was up late the night before working.  I was afraid I was dragging down the person who agreed to join Streakoid.

But after our initial call, I realised how wrong I was.

This is what Streakoid needs. Helping people be consistent is a big problem. One I can’t take on by myself.

This changes a lot. No longer can I just work on whatever I want. It’s on me to drive the project forward. Onboarding him and giving us a clear path to success.

New challenges

Bringing someone on brings a bunch of challenges. Challenges I need to make confident decisions on.  But it’s fun to have someone to take this on with.

With the new team member has come clarity. 

First, it’s made me realise we need one or two more people. Now that I’ve killed my ego fuelled mission to be a solo founder, I see the power of bringing different people on.

Second, it’s made me realise we need a physical place to work. Remote work will not be as effective as being in the same place.

Three. It’s given the project some urgency.  It’s not just me that’s on a race against the clock anymore. 

Bringing him on board has forced me to have a definitive destination in mind. We need to commit to getting into YCombinator.

We can’t apply to YCombinator until the next batch. Which means we need to work as hard as we can in the next few months to reach ramen profitability.

In the meantime, the idea is to move to Belfast in a flat where we can work and live to build this.  Belfast because it’s cheap and beside a university.

To become profitable we need to get users. To do that, we have a lot to figure out. But we will. The first step is we both need to learn how to talk to users.

I’m hoping that we can get over the onboarding period fast so we can hammer out iterations of Streakoid. Figuring out how to do that will be a fun challenge.

As usual, there’s no definitive plan. We will just have to learn through experimentation what works. 

Now I just need to rack my brain for more people in my life that would be up for the challenge and sacrifices that come with it.