Showing up vs performing.

One of the best ways to improve is to show up every day. But showing up is just one part of the equation.  The other part is to make sure you’re performing. 


If your writing while looking at your phone every five minutes or rushing to get the next episode on Netflix (like I’m doing). You’re just showing up.

Performing requires you to wrestle with a difficult problem head on. To give it the undivided time it needs.


With these blog posts, I’ve drifted into the showing up phase.


I leave my writing too late at night, and it’s rushed. It’s an afterthought.

In the past, I blamed doing eight hours of Streakoid for my writing being so late. But I’ve stopped doing that. So I have no excuse. Other than laziness and a lack of discipline.


After getting rid of the YouTube videos it relieved a lot of the pressure that came from releasing content.

But I haven’t replaced the YouTube videos with exercise or seeing my friends.


Instead, I’ve replaced it with Netflix.


After three months of no TV, I’ve bombed through almost two series into two evenings.


My brain enjoys numbing out to Netflix.


It’s easy. You just sit there watching videos.


This is a problem. I should market Streakoid.


Instead, I’m struggling to get four hours of work in before I dumb out.


I’m torn because one part of me knows it’s I need to relax and recover. I can feel myself becoming more energetic by taking off the pressure.


I’m no longer a zombie.


But progress is slower with Streakoid. I’m sitting there watching Netflix while Streakoid is not making a profit.


I’m confused.


My understanding was that we had to go all in getting a startup off the ground. It had to be your life. But how is that sustainable?


I don’t have an accurate role model for this. Everything so much hype. Hustle, hustle, hustle. It doesn’t seem like anyone is giving an accurate view of what it’s like to build a business.

I need a Yoda like figure to tell me how long I should be working.

 Is it ok to take a break?

Should I be writing these posts?

How would they perform better with Streakoid?


The problem is lots of people offer advice for things they have not done. So I don’t who to listen.


Today I would quit the blogging streak because I haven’t been performing. I’ve just been showing up.


I don’t feel good about completing the task on Streakoid. If I didn’t give it my all during the writing period.


Yesterday was the worst blog I’ve ever wrote. I called it surviving the slump. I don’t know if I can count it for the streak as I did it in like 20 minutes.


I’m torn with this blog. It feels like I’m documenting a dying business, and some days I feel like I’m more interested in documenting than I am in making it a business.


A part of me wants to get rid of it and just have Streakoid.


But the other part sees the benefit in documenting. In using these posts to figure things out.


This is the longest streak of writing I’ve ever had, and I don’t want to lose it. Being so consistent means I feel like I’ve improved.


But I’m not sure.

This week of less work has allowed me to recover some brain cells.

It’s made me realise I don’t know if blogging a good idea.


I don’t want to lose my streaks.


 I want to be a better writer. Communication is important.


 But I want Streakoid to be help more people.


By the looks of things I can’t run Streakoid and maintain a blog.


But I could just be using the blog as an excuse for me to avoid marketing Streakoid.


Either way, my current approach to blogging is a good example of what we shouldn’t do.


If you have something you want to improve at.


Get it done early in the day. When your energy levels are high and you haven’t given into temptation.


If you’re half assing it, you’re only lying to yourself.


It’s much harder for me to write this now than it would have been at twelve in the afternoon. When the sun was out.


Now I had to stop Netflix after three episodes, which required willpower to come up to my room to work.


My brain wants to rush down and watch it instead of typing this.


If I want to be a better writer, I can’t write at 22.30pm.  Yes, I’m showing up. But I’m not performing.


Streakoid helps you show up. But it’s up to you to perform.