It’s month two of Streakoid.

Which means it’s been two months since I quit my job as a Software Engineer in London to build Streakoid full time. I’ve recovered from my surgery.

My life is just me building Streakoid in my parents’ house.

Progress is slow but steady. This post is to analyse my mistakes I’ve been making and show you some stats of how things are going.

I’m feeling the pressure now as my bank account continues to go down. The mistakes I’ve been making are having consequences. 

Features last month

Last month I:

  • Built the Friend request functionality
  • Ability to incomplete streaks
  • Moved Streakoid to 

This month I’ve built a lot more features.

Features this month.

Team streaks

Team streaks allow you and your friends to define tasks that you must do each day. If one of you doesn’t do your task you all lose your streak.

Profile pictures  and user profiles

Users can have profile pictures and view other people’s profiles.

Landing page redesign.

I went from just a login and registration flow to a page with some personality.

Payment processing

Users now have to pay $9.99 a month to access the app.

A basic mobile app

I can share code between the website and a mobile app. I’ve got the work done for a basic app that lets users track solo streaks.

Started giving the app some personality 

I created Oid. The character in Streakoid who checks up on users. I love him. I have big plans for Oid.

Mistakes I’ve been making

The mistakes I made last month were:

  • Not doing user interviews

  • Only asking for feedback from friends and family

  • Not charging users

  • Not analysing usage

  • Allowing myself to not exercise

  • Not asking for people to join the product yet.

I’m still making some same mistakes as last month. This is unacceptable. I need to make sure I’m learning from my mistakes.

Main mistakes this month

Not focusing on selling or marketing Streakoid.

My focus has been on getting eight hours of focused development each day. I have not tried to sell or market Streakoid other than these blog posts. The blog posts are too passive. I need to engage with communities trying to be more consistent. An old girlfriend introduced her university to Streakoid but I haven’t chased up that lead yet.

Still only asking for feedback from friends and family. This is a huge mistake. I’m struggling to get over this one. I’ve improved how I conduct user interviews, but I need to find people that don’t know me to interview. People are too nice, I need honest feedback. 

Going with freemium instead of charging everyone.

I made a bad choice pricing Streakoid going with a freemium model. This made building Streakoid more complex as I had to develop two versions. I don’t have the manpower to build a premium and free version. Freemium meant people would sign up and forget about the app because they weren’t paying for it. 

Still not analysing how users are using Streakoid. 

I am not looking at any data yet about how Streakoid is being used. I have been thinking a lot about how to fix this. This is a problem as the data needs to drive the development. But because I haven’t made it a priority and there aren’t that many users I’ve been ignoring this.

I want to fix this by bringing one of my friends on board to be in charge of data. But all I’ve done is thought about the problem. Not taking action is a big no no.

How I’m working

I was more effective in month one than this one. This month I’ve become less strict with myself. Which has resulted in me working much later at night.

I started uploading YouTube videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. These take a lot of time and have had me up past 9pm most nights. I’m working until it’s time to sleep which I don’t like.

One of my problems right now is watching YouTube during my breaks and in the evenings. I end up watching stupid videos for hours at night when I bring my phone to bed. I had some success when I banned YouTube altogether. But I’ve let it slip back in since.

I haven’t been exercising over the last month. Hiding behind the excuse that I was recovering from my surgery. Not exercising has led to me eating bad food.

I’m missing out on the benefits of exercise which needs to change. I’ve noticed my posture, confidence, and energy levels have suffered.

I need to reintroduce my alarm clock and have a strict time get up. Without an alarm there is too much chaos.


Last month: Streakoid had 15 users last month, 0 were paying customers.

This month: Streakoid has 26 users, 1 paying.

This month’s streaks:

Streakoid has helped me be more consistent.
I was smashing it until two days ago. When I went to my friend’s birthday giving into pressure from my family and friends I took a break.

Taking a break was the wrong decision I lost my eight hours of programming and my intermittent fasting streaks. I’m pissed off at myself. It was a stupid moment of weakness.

An unrestricted social life doesn’t work at the moment. My focus needs to be Streakoid.

I added analytics to Streakoid so I can show you how it’s been performing over the last month:

I also have the sources. Which is a rude wake up call that LinkedIn might be a waste of time:

Blog stats

I added analytics to the blog this month, so I now have stats for the blog:

YouTube stats

This month I started Vlogging Streakoid being built. I’ve released videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I enjoy this a lot. But it takes a lot of time. I haven’t been pushing this yet because I’m embarrassed by it.

These videos will become more valuable the longer I post them. When Streakoid becomes more popular, these should also gain traction.The videos are performing much better than I expected.

Documenting the building process is useful because it should prove to people that consistent action over time leads to massive results.

I need to post these videos on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I can’t justify the time to create videos if it’s not driving people to Streakoid. More eyes should equal more sign-ups.

I  need to branch into more focused videos. To ride the wave of people interested in videos about programmers, startups and unconventional living.

LinkedIn stats

This month I started posting the blogs on LinkedIn to build up my online presence. I was hoping for a bigger impact. But I  it will compound. I need to keep my writing focused on consistency and discipline.

I need to post shorter statuses. Short statuses on LinkedIn get massive amounts of engagement.

Medium stats

I started posting on Medium for the same reason as LinkedIn. I want to get Streakoid more exposure and build up my credibility with being consistent.

I’ll keep posting to medium but Medium and LinkedIn are long-term plays. What I need now is paying customers, which will only come through direct sales. 

What’s my plan

The plan has taken a big turn as I didn’t get into YCombinator. I have to focus on making Streakoid profitable without the help of YCombinator so I can survive long enough to apply in the next round. 

My plan for this month was to:

  • Release the team streaks feature.

  • Apply for an invest NI grant.

  • Set up as a limited company
  • Start charging for Streakoid.

  • Be a part of a team streak with my friends.

  • Start posting my blogs and vlogs to LinkedIn.

  • Get out of the house to talk to actual customers.

I’ve done most of the things in at list.

I haven’t left the house to talk to actual customers as I’m swamped with work, but I will change that over the next month. I need to be interviewing potentially paying customers to find out their problems.

My new plan

The main goals for this month are to:

  • Release the mobile app to the app store,
  • Add push notifications,
  • Market and sell to increase monthly recurring revenue.

I’ve said multiple times that I need to focus on building recurring revenue but I’ve ignored it. This is the mistake that will kill me so I need to give it the attention it deserves. 

I need to be more active with my marketing. Which means joining Facebook groups, Subreddits and Discord chats to find people who are struggling to be consistent. 

I’ve been doing well on the development front. But I’ve ignored the selling part.

I need to start a podcast. Out of everything I’ve wanted to do this is the one that’s burning that I’ve been ignoring. I’m putting it off because I’m living in rural Ireland. But people podcast over Skype all the time.  I need to get over myself.

I need a podcast to increase exposure and it’s the least time consuming way for me to get access to online communities of people and build my network.

Bringing on team members

I need to take on at least one more person. I have a few people in mind, but I keep talking myself out of it. Instead of debating in my head. I need to ask them to see who’s interested. Then I need to offer them equity.

My main concern is bringing on someone and regretting it. I’m afraid of regretting offering them equity or not creating the right company culture. I can’t let that fear stop me.

I want to bring one person on to help with the mobile and back-end development, one to handle the data, predictions and analysis and one to help with front end and design. I’m happy enough for them to work remotely.

I need to achieve ramen profitability as soon as possible. So I can keep doing this. The countdown is on and I need to become more serious about making money.

Streakoid has proven itself to help people be consistent. I now need to get it into the hands of a lot more people.

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