Intermittent fasting is why I’m not obese. 

Intermittent fasting is where you restrict your time window for eating. For me, that means I only eat between 1pm and 9pm.

Before I start this post, it’s important to say I’m not trying to persuade you to do intermittent fasting. 

As a man who smashes five plus chocolate digestives a day, I’m in no position to give health advice. 

But something strange is happening – I’m finding it easy to stick to intermittent fasting.

My fitness levels always fluctuate.

You’ve tried different ways to stay in shape. A few times in your life, you’ve been in good shape. 

But it’s a  roller coaster. Some weeks or good. Others are disgusting. 

You’ll go through periods of monk like discipline and then something happens. A friend visits, you get a new partner or life hits you with a right hook.

You’ll end up persuading yourself Nutella is healthy because of the hazelnuts. 

Well, I’m fed up with that life. I hate ending up in the same place thinking: “why have you done this?”

I much prefer to be in good shape, but I keep letting things slide. A piece of bread here. Ten digestives there. The weeks past, then boom.

“WhAt HAve YooU DoNe?” As I stare at myself horrified.

Then the hopelessness kicks in.

  1. Do I want to give up chocolate digestives?
  2. Do I want to go back to the gym having to start again?  I used to be so fit, and I will have to waddle in and start from the beginning.
  3. Why can’t you be like your friends who stick to the gym?

Instead, I’m over here fatter than ever.

But something strange is happening unlike my other attempts to lose weight. For once I’m sticking to intermittent fasting. I’m on a 26 day streak.

I’m not struggling I’m enjoying it. 

For the last six months, I had gotten into great shape doing Brazilian jiu jitsu five times a week, training for competitions and eating well.


But life hit me with an uppercut. I was close to losing a testicle in Thailand and had to get an emergency operation. Cutting my three-month trip short.

No exercise for me

For the last four weeks while I’ve been recovering, I haven’t been able to exercise. 

I just work. Spending most of my day at a desk coding, interviewing users, writing a blog post, or editing a video about Streakoid.

My aim is to have a simple life with one focus to build Streakoid. I’m sort of happy I have an excuse to ignore exercise. One less thing to focus on.

I’m not in good shape at the moment, but I should be much fatter.

After having to pay £3000 to get my grocery bag sliced open, being depressed and becoming lazy was an option. 

But I’m not depressed. For once I’m satisfied with what I’ve done over the last month. 

Sure it’s a bummer I can’t exercise, and I have no signs of abs. 

But because I’ve been intermittent fasting every day without fail, I’m just fatter not fat. If I could exercise right now I’d be killing it.

I had the idea to skip with a rope, but a doctor informed me it was the worst form of exercise to do after testicle surgery. Which makes sense looking back.

Intermittent fasting is why I’m not obese

Tracking my intermittent fasting on Streakoid means I’m not tempted to break it. 

In the past, I would have broken my fasting when work got breakfast delivered or I was out for a meal. But now, not a chance. 

Before 1pm if I’m hungry, I think “what a shame I’m hungry” and that’s it. Eating before 1pm is not an option because I’ll lose my streak. 

I want to see how far I can go with it. It’s fun flexing that I’ve done it for almost 30 days.

On Streakoid you can see other peoples streaks. I’ll I look at other people’s profiles and think – winning. Which isn’t fair as I’ve had the app the longest because I built it.

(Everyone’s profile picture is evil Steve. Long live Steve)

If you’ve tried intermittent fasting but have failed in the past, download Streakoid and add me as a friend. We’ll keep each other in check.

Let’s avoid getting fat together. 


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