Why I stopped making YouTube videos about building Streakoid. 

Yesterday after getting 19 videos deep into my vlog series of building Streakoid I called it quits.

I enjoyed making them and I think it would be valuable in the long run to have it all documented.

But there won’t be a long run if I don’t focus on building Streakoid at the moment. 

I stopped making YouTube videos

Having to create videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday just added to the complexity of everything.

Thinking about the vlogs occupied space in my head.

I always had to be recording and doing something else.

The deadline would loom over me.

It’s become a bit of a drag, and I believe it’s a big reason I’m tired.

Last week I only averaged four hours of Streakoid coding a day, compared to the right hours I was doing a few weeks before.

My time isn’t spent relaxing it’s spent dumbing out to Youtube waiting until my next task.

I spent one evening watching the entire season 3 of “Aytpical”, and last night I watched a movie instead of doing any work.

I don’t know if this is a minor burnout or my body rebelling from the distractions. 

Focus on building product and speaking to users

One thing that has repeated in my head for the last two months is that all I need to do is focus on building a product and speaking to users.

As I was writing a blog or making a vlog I’d think about that. Was it the right idea to do anything else?

I’d then persuade myself that the world needed the process documented. I will take the bullet for the greater good of humanity.


I believe that all matters is making the best product and talking to users.

But my brain doesn’t like this. It sees the blogs, vlogs, and everything else as helping to build Streakoid.

How else am I going to market the damn thing? 

I want to document the process. I want myself and others to see how working on Streakoid day in and day out is leading to it’s succes.

But I’m fearing that all I’m documenting the death of a business that’s not getting enough attention.

I keep making my life too hectic. Filling my day with secondary activities that aren’t increasing the recurring revenue.

I want to simplify even further. The simpler the day becomes the easier it will be to focus on what’s important.

I’ve said how the hidden battle is making working on Streakoid sustainable. Writing blog posts and making videos isn’t sustainable.

I’m finding it difficult to concentrate at the moment.

My phone is a cause of this, but it’s also knowing I have other deadlines.

The deadlines shadow over me all day. Like the arrows from three hundred, blocking the sun and the fun.

Deciding to cut them out was tough.

I enjoy creating things. Video making is one of my inclinations. 

But I don’t and can’t keep doing both 

I had to make sure I wasn’t doing this because I was finding them tough.

I hate myself for quitting activities in the past.

But I wasn’t quitting out of laziness. 

The videos were stopped because I’m worried about my ability to build Streakoid at the moment. 

I would love to continue making them. I enjoy doing it.

But for me to survive building Streakoid I need to have as few distractions as possible. The fewer distractions there are, the better I can make Streakoid.

I also need time to rest to give myself time to recover to show up the next day.

I’ve spent the evenings of the last few months making those videos when I should have been spending time with friends or going to the gym.

The main concern at the moment is whether I should keep doing the blogs.

I don’t feel like Streakoid is making as much progress as it could. Because I’m not putting the hours in.

I’m on a 51 day streak with the blogs so I don’t want to stop.

Are blogs just a distraction?

I think I’m more suited to write than to make videos. Blogs are my only form of marketing.

But maybe this is just a big distraction from what I should be doing. Building Streakoid and talking to users.

I’ll keep blogging for now. But if Streakoid continues to feel like it’s dragging along, I might have to kill these as well.

I’ve been in denial about making the videos, I persuaded myself they are important. They’re not as important as making Streakoid profitable.

I’ll continue to capture clips of moments of struggles, breakthroughs and talking to users but I won’t be editing it and releasing it on Youtube anymore.

Let’s see if this helps speed up building Streakoid.

The blog remains… For now.