How to get no work done a no nonse guide.

Reporting live we have Reece a man who got no work done even know he’s got an early business with lots of stuff to do.

I was doing well with my routine. My days where starting to look like groundhog day which is becoming a bit of a drag.

But I’ve been getting work done.

That was until today. 

Today I only got a poor 80 minutes of programming done and this blog post.

Which is nothing compared to my usual six to eight hours of programming, and a blog post.

Why Do YoU Doo ThIs To YouRseLf?

This has happened before a few times. There’s a case like this once every few weeks. 

This blog will be a post match analysis to see where I messed up.

Last night I had to go to a 30th birthday party for a family member. I knew this was coming up. I’ve been excited for the party.  I haven’t been excited for the break in routine.

My brain doesn’t like change, any days that aren’t typical it uses this as an excuse for doing no work.

The whole day I worked at a snail’s pace and only got four and a bit hours of programming done. Knowing I didn’t have time to do all my work. My brain was like “What’s the point, it’s a lost cause, let’s call it quits and watch some YouTube”.

I wrote a blog post before we left for the party which was the only win for the day. The only reason I did this was because I didn’t want to break my 42 day streak on Streakoid.  

I had arranged with my sister to bring me back home after two hours of being at the party. To finish my work. This was a mistake. I was lying to myself thinking this was possible.

I’ve yet to leave for a social event and come back to finish my work.

I still had some work for a video to do and another stretch of coding.

Leaving the party to do some work

After two hours of catching up with my family we left the party. It was great seeing everyone. It made me realise how wrong it’s been to ignore everyone for my work. 

But our plans changed and instead of leaving me home she had to leave me to our grandparents. 

This was fine because I had my laptop. But my brain had already decided today was a lost cause. 

When I got into my grandparents I posted on Medium, and LinkedIn like I always do. But the boxing was on in the background. Instead of the quiet environment I was used to. I worked with the TV on. (Big mistake)

Then my Granda put the  Dark knight on. I had to watch it with him. It’s the best movie of the trilogy.

We then watched the Jim Carrey documentary of him slowing descending into madness playing Andy.

No work was getting done.

I ignored my voice in my head that told me I had to work. That was a problem for future me.

At this point my phone died it was around 11 or 12. I had accepted I could not finish my work. 

Which was ok because I had just started a new streak on Streakoid. So I wasn’t losing anything.

I still had to read for my team streak. But we would head home soon. I’d do that before I went to sleep.

I was wrong. The rest of my family was drinking at the party. When my sister picked me up we were going back to my uncles to continue drinking. We weren’t heading home like I thought.  We ended out till half three.

This wasn’t part of the plan. But I can’t blame anyone but me. Going out before I did my work was a recipe for disaster.

I’ve done this time and time again. When I have something in the evening, I have to fit all my work in during the day.

I’m not driving at the moment so this means I’m never in control. Which is more of a reason to have my work done before I leave.

It was close to 4am when I went to bed accepting I would have to lose the first team reading streak. I was just too tired.

No sleep equals a ruined day

I woke up a 11am feeling awful. Like I had drunk the night before.

Devastated that I lost a reading team streak I sent a message to the person I was doing the team streak with apologizing. 

Tired and dehydrated is how I would describe today.

I had lost the battle before the first gunshot. 

I didn’t work at all. Most days I get up and work straight away. Today I woke up and sat on my phone until I could eat at 1pm. Chatting with mum. Ignoring my work responsibilities. After I ate I tried to nap.

Because I was out of my routine it became a free for all. 

My brain could think of nothing worse than working. The problem was my brain was making the choice whether or not I wanted to work because I was out of my rouinte.

I just wanted to lie in bed and feel sorry for myself for being sleepy.

I’ve watched a blur of boring YouTube videos from Chess, to vlogs to people building AI’s.

  • Am I happy about missing a day? No.
  • Do I feel more rested? No.
  • Am I more stressed? Yes.

Now we know the story let’s analyse what went wrong so we don’t make the same mistakes again.

What wen’t wrong?

It’s important to make time for my family. But when I go out I need to make sure I’ll be home to get enough sleep.  My brain won’t be able to code if it’s not well rested. 

When I go out I need to have fixed plans. I’ve been wrong to lock myself away and ignore everyone but I can’t go with the flow.

If you have a plan for the evening get everything you have to get done before you go so you can enjoy the event. 

Getting to my Granda’s I should have gotten my work done straight away and then relaxed. 

You can’t work in front of a TV. Either watch Tv or work don’t do both.

When I got up today, I should have chugged more water than usual to power through and get to my laptop. Don’t give your lazy brain a choice.

Don’t hide behind the’s “good to rest excuse”. Resting should be something fun not lying in bed. I wasn’t resting I was just playing chess on my phone and watching YouTube being lazy.

Reintroducing YouTube was a mistake. I don’t have the self control to just watch one video it needs to be all or nothing.

A day with no work makes me stressed out.  Don’t leave your work till the end of the day like you’re doing now.

You’ve lost the battle today, let’s not lose the war.

The most important thing now is to make sure I don’t repeat this tomorrow and get my streaks restarted. One day is recoverable but two days in a row and you’re asking for a disaster. 

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