Getting down and dirty with mother nature


I’ve been in a slump for the last week. 


It’s caused me to half the number of hours of work I’ve done with Streakoid


Every blog post has been a late night struggle. 


I blamed it on working too hard for the last few months. But this wasn’t the only factor. 


I was skipping for a while, but I stopped that because I wasn’t able to get enough days in a row. 


I didn’t take it seriously enough. And missed a few sessions because it was too cold. Once I missed one day it was easy to miss two. Until I stopped. 


I planned to replace this with the gym. But I made the mistake of talking about it before I went. So I still haven’t been. 


Instead I just stopped exercising. If it wasn’t for my intermittent fasting I would be obese. 


I stopped exercising the same time I laid off the gas with the amount I’m working. 


Instead of late nights working I’ve stopped at 5pm or 6pm each day to watch Netflix and relax. 


This is good for my body as it gives it a break.


But it’s not the cure as I feel behind on Streakoid now. I’ve been meaning to keep a WhatsApp group live for Streakoid user but I haven’t done it. I keep avoiding it. 


I have two members that I was supposed to add last week, and I’ve supposed to be adding the updates but I haven’t. 


It was one of those things that has grown in size the longer I’ve put off. 


Which is my fault. 


But this cocktail of no exercise, less progress and delaying tasks has brought me down. I’ve been a lazy slump. 


The pressure to get another job is at an all time high. I would enjoy being around people in an office and I persuaded myself it  would be nice to top up my savings. 


But this was just me being in a slump. When you’re in a slump there is a sense of hopelessness. 


Laziness is part of the package. It’s nicer to watch Netflix than it is to build up momentum again. 


But during the slump as tough as it was I made sure not to drop my streaks. I kept showing up. 


I’m thankful to past me for showing up because I now I feel better I’m happy I don’t have to start from the beginning. Especially with my writing streak. 


So what made me feel better? 


I got down and dirty with mother nature. 


Myself and two friends rented mountain bikes at the forest park ten minutes from here. 


Ok I’ll be honest… They were electric mountain bikes but I’m recovering from surgery so this was the only option. 


The guy also said they were the same price so it was a no brainer. 


Riding the bikes was unreal. 


It had a turbo mode that upped your speed like crazy. 


The air was crisp, and the sunlight lit up the forest. It was like a discover Ireland montage. 


My friend almost died in the first minute. Going over the handlebars but beside that there was only minor falls. 


I didn’t fall but I’m not a mad man. 


Even with the electric bikes it was tough. As it’s the first proper exercise I’ve done since my surgery I was dead. 


Even with the electric bikes I had to walk. 


On our ways we ran into the ex british mountain biking champion from 1971. He was a 61 year old monster. He was faster than us on our electric bikes and he didn’t get off once. 


He became our Yoda. 


He took us down the black slopes. 


We were not ready for the black slopes. 


I wouldn’t say I’m that good on a normal bike. I can’t ride with no hands. I can’t do a wheelie. 


But there we were riding with an ex champion down the rockiest drops, cliff edges, the whole time I thought I was going to die. 


In the end I made sure to pedal past him. Meaning I took over an Ex british champion in mountain biking. 


It was an unreal day. 


Coming home I was tired and mucky. 


But I feel good. I feel energised. I left my house. I was social and I got down and dirty with mother nature. 


I also read 30 minutes of Tribe of Mentors which got me pumped to exercise more. 


And then for the first time all week I enjoyed coding Streakoid. I made a massive improvement adding a progress bar. 


This is proof for me that the battle isn’t building your project. The battle is staying healthy and happy with other things in your life to take on the project. 


This was a nice wake-up call. I was lost for the last week. But this has pointed out what I was doing wrong. Without exercise I’m a sad man. I need to get outdoors and spend time with friends to remind myself why I want Streakoid to work.