Why I’m changing the blog posts, I need to stop releasing daily. A big part about being consistent. Is choosing the right thing to be consistent about.

If you get it wrong, you’re in for a world of pain.

One of my streaks is 45 minutes of writing. I’ve been doing this for 60 days nows.

In these days I’ve written 60 Blog posts.

This is the most consistent I’ve been with my writing.

But there’s a problem. 

I don’t think I’ve chosen the correct way to write these. One blog post a day doesn’t let me go deep enough. The problem isn’t that I’m being consistent. The problem is that I’ve structured the streaks wrong.

My streak shouldn’t be release a blog post everyday it should be 45 minutes of writing.

This is tricky because a big part of why I’ve been successful in the last 60 days is because I release a blog post a day.

It’s clear success or failure criteria. Did you post a blog post? 

But 45 minutes just isn’t enough time. I don’t have time to research, gather quotes or go deep on ideas.

I need a longer blog posts that allow me to research topics more deeply. To provide more value.

These blog posts need to be helping build Streakoid. That should be my focus. To make Streakoid successful.

But the posts haven’t been like that. The posts are more about me building my personal brand and documenting Streakoid. No Streakoid users have come from the blog.

Instead of writing blog posts I need to be speaking to users.

Documenting Streakoid is interesting, but it’s not helping Streakoid become profitable.

People trying to be consistent aren’t interested in building a startup. I’m targeting two separate markets.

I want to experiment with bigger blog posts that take longer to write but can provide more value.

Everything I read tells me longer blog posts well. The style guides all say longer blog posts perform better.

Daily writing will continue, but I won’t be releasing a blog post daily.

Does this mean I have to drop my writing streak? I don’t think so; I have shown up to write each day. But I will need to edit the streak to just make it so it tracks that I’m writing for 45 minutes a day.

A change in routine means forming new habits. When you’re forming new habits, it’s easy to fail. This puts me on edge.

But this change might be helpful. It allows me to set a timer and I just have to write until the 45 minutes is up. 

My main concern is that I will get overwhelmed with the much longer pieces.

That I might keep postponing the work because of the longer deadline.

Or that I won’t feel as good about the writing because I’m not releasing every day.

This could be a massive mistake. It could be laziness, not optimisation. I don’t know.

But I’ll try it out.

I’m excited because I want to explore some funny pieces. Because I have to release a post a day there is no room for creativity.

My brain is putting writing off till the evening because it knows that writing isn’t helping me help Streakoid become profitable.

This isn’t just about building up a streak it’s about doing something that matters to me. Improving at writing to build a bigger audience. To get more people on Streakoid.

I can’t lose focus of that.

60 days of blog posts is something to to celebrate. It’s only because I’ve survived this long. I now know that I need to do longer blog posts to engage with users more. I’ve only learnt this because I’ve stuck it out.

Quality not quantity is the cliche I need to live by.